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Absorking Surgical Suture Needles is a high-tech and professional manufacturer to produce all kinds of medical sutures and suture needles. The workshops comply with gmp standards and the surgical sutures comply with advanced standards of USP and technology of the UK. All of the products have been sold to many countries all over the world.

The series of suture has the following features:

  • The body of suture is smooth, causing no capillary and repelling reaction.
  • due to the softness of the suture, it will not tear at tissue, easy to knot,and the knot tied by it is firm.
  • the breaking strength of suture and knot are strong, the sewing is firm, best for the healing of the human without ductility.
  • the sutures have many other features by the different human organ and operating location, choosing different kind and size of suture needles. All of that, the point type is sharp, the body is smooth and is painless to the

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